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Decentralised is a podcast about a world transformed by the impact of blockchain technology. We are here to create content that shifts people’s perspective about what’s possible.


  • Interviews With Founders
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On The Mic Guests

Interested in knowing more about our guest speakers? Check out the social profiles below to learn more about their amazing projects.

2.5 - Jackson Palmer
Creator of Dogecoin, Product at Adobe, YouTuber
2.4 - Jelle Pol
Founder at Dusk Network, Business & Product Dev
2.4 - Emanuele Francioni
Founder at Dusk Network, Project & Tech Lead
2.3 Xinshu Dong
CEO at Zilliqa
2.2 Fennie Wang
Co-Founder at ixo Foundation
2.1 - Halsey Minor
Founder at Live Planet, VideoCoin, CNET, Google Voice, Uphold Inc. and Salesforce
1.10 - Aaron Wright
Co-Founder at OpenLaw, Professor at Cardozo School of Law
1.9 - Vanessa Grellet
Executive Director at ConsenSys
1.8 - Michael Oved
Co-Founder at AirSwap
1.7 - Peter Vessenes
Founder at New Alchemy
1.6 - Nyla Rodgers
Founder at Mama Hope, Creator of Satoshi Is Female
1.5 - Lisa Nestor
Director of Partnerships at Stellar.org
1.4 - Reese Jones
Associate Founder at Singularity University
1.3 - Richard Titus
Entrepreneur, Ark Advisors, Prompt.ly, Razorfish & Schematic
1.2 - Toni Lane Casserly
Founder at CULTU.RE, Blockchain Entrepreneur
1.1 - Fabian Vogelsteller
Ethereum developer, Founder at Lukso
1.0 - Jimmy Song
Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur

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